The CarPark-o-Drome


This morning I had a little session in the CarPark-o-Drome (Merry Hill’s multistory car park)

It was surprising enjoyable, its warm, its dry, its well lit on our dark autumn mornings, its perfect.

If there is one thing I hate about the winter months, its having to use an indoor trainer, its boring and I don’t like my carbon bike being rigidly fixed to the trainer.

One alternative is rollers. I tried some elite rollers at the recent NEC cycle show and I really enjoyed it, you need to concentrate to stay upright and the stresses on your bike and tires are exactly the same as on the road, its also good for working on balance. But, I don’t own any rollers (yet).

Next option, find somewhere big enough to be able to cycle indoors! like a multistory car park.

I just so happen to live next to a nice big multi story, which early in the morning is completely empty :D my winter training dojo.


My session this morning was riding to power, so no need for GPS, just a heart rate monitor and a power meter is needed.

After a little warm up and testing the limits for cornering grip, I started my session of sprint, corner, sprint, corner, sprint………… round and round and round. It sounds boring, but its better that staring at the garage wall on an indoor trainer.

I actually enjoyed myslef