The return to fitness

My last update was in October, what have I done since then?


Well, not much anyway! One thing I did plenty of was eat, drink and get fat :( 

5kg since mid June! And that’s not 5kg of rippling muscle, no, it’s 5kg of lard!  

I’ve been neglecting this site too, loads of reviews and updates languishing in the drafts folder. 

Its time to get back on it, no messing about.




During Feburary I decided enough is enough, I can’t keep on letting it slide, I’ve been telling myself all the excuses under the sun, my monkey mind telling me “it’s fine, keep eating, have another glass of wine, you’ll run it off” erm, no, it doesn’t work like that.

However, in the past few weeks, things are turning around. I’m running at least 4 times a week, between 6 and 8 km, adding a few kettlebell and boxing sessions, but most importantly, sorting my diet out. 

The results are dramatic! I guess it makes me a fat burning machine ;) 


Back down to 72kg in a couple of weeks and I’m already feeling fitter and faster.



To help target the fat loss and help fix a few issues found in my recent blood test (one of the reviews in drafts) I've been using some products from ATP Science. Stay tuned, I'll go into greater detail later.........