Training Log - Week 38

The start of the “off” season training.

The mornings are getting too dark and dangerous for cycling, I have no races left this year, so I have started my build for next season.

I’ve shuffled my training around to include a gym core strength session and moved one of the cycling mornings to an afternoon.

Monday = am,  11.5 km run - 10 min swim

Tuesday = am, 15 min spin cycle @140 bpm then the 30 min spin class  - 10 min swim

Wednesday = am, 2km row 30 min bootcamp style class. pm, OSTClub Swim 

Thursday = am, 11.5km Hill Repeats run  - 10 min swim

Friday = pm, long road cycle

Saturday, rest

Sunday = 20km ride, 7km Brick run

I’m sure I will play around with this and try to make the runs, bike, longer and lower intensity.

Willpower, is the name the gym gives the wednesday class and holy crap, I had forgotten how hard this class was!! 

Lots of squats, push ups, burpees, sit ups, etc

It nearly killed me! but my swim session later in the day felt great. I need to improve my core strength, this should help.




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