Training Log - Week 37

Knowing when to quit is very very important!

The Great North run killed my legs and at the start of the week I really had to pull myself back and ease off

Know your limits!

This week Ended with a great bike ride. A 50km charity ride for BikeForSight

Lead by Irelands Rio 2016 Paralympic cyclist Damien Vereker, his tandem Guide and another rider who’s name I cannot find (I’ll find out and update)

If I hadn’t had taken two wrong turns, I “might” have been able to keep up with them. I caught up with them once but missed a turn again and had to double back on myself. I’m not sure how far behind them I was at the finish, but they said they had just arrived.

great weather and a great day of pushing hard on the bike

one odd thing, my left hand side gear selector decided to disassemble itself mid ride! Suddenly it changed to the highest gear by itself and I noticed that the screw in the side of the shifter had come undone, I hand tightened it while riding and it seemed to be fine from then.




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