I'm struggling

I’m suffering 

I’m lacking in the motivation department :( 

This weeks training consisted of walking, only walking, and if it wasn’t for hatching pokemon eggs, I wouldn’t have been walking. 

I’ve hit the wall

I need to get out of this slump, this vicious circle of lethargy. Maybe it’s because my daily routine has changed? This week and next, I have to park near the office, normally, the carpark is 6kms away. Everyone in the office is happy about this, it means they don’t have to use the shuttle bus. I use the fact that we park offsite as an opportunity to train, I run or cycle from the car park, there are several routes of different distances. Its perfect, but this week, I’ve told myself that I will train after work, It’s not happening

Im failing

I need to write up my race report from Chatsworth, that was 3 weeks ago!



I need some motivation :(