Daz, Head of TeamBaldie


On Monday night...

...while out for a run, Daz, head of team baldie and the person who introduced me to triathlon, suffered a cardiac arrest.

Luckily he collapsed next to a lady who had just the day before, had completed a first aid course and was able to administer CPR.

She kept him going until the police arrived who took over (and breaking his ribs in the process)

Paramedics arrived and defibrillated him on the way to hospital.

8 hours later, he woke up, still cheerful (he’s the happiest person I have ever met) but has no short term memory :(

Hopefully he will recover his memory and make a full recovery.

Unfortunately he wont be able to continue with triathlon as he is being fitted with an internal defibrillator. Its a shame, he really enjoyed it.

I hope he recovers quickly.


He had an issue with his heart already and was probably pushing too hard trying to kom a local strava segment

Remember kids, just because we exercise and consider ourselves fit, we are pushing ourselves and we need to be careful.

get well soon Daz

Anth, TeamBaldie