Orca ruined the core

My first trisuit was a cheap one, the Orca Core

Its brilliant! a great fit and really comfortable. Also last year I “upgraded” to a 2XU compression suit, which isn’t too bad, but its really baggy around the legs.

So when I was on the market for a new one, it was a no brainer, another core.

I’m so disappointed and the thing that’s ruined the suit is the new arse pad.

last seasons suit had a really simple chamois, this season has a much larger moulded pad which rubs like a bugger on the run.

I’m not convinced it’s much of an improvement on the bike, but its certainly a shocker to run in.

I’m running The Great North Run next weekend, a half marathon and I was going to wear the core because my Sisters company logo is on the back.

But, I don’t think I can wear it.

Sorry Orca, but you ruined a great suit

Anthony TowersComment