Bluetooth Headphones


I was skeptical at first, but I’m a convert now!


I’m sick of accidentally yanking headphones out while running, it doesn’t matter how careful I am or how I route the cable, I always end up dragging the bloody things out of my ears.

The solution is Bluetooth headphones, they used to be very expensive, but I spotted these things on Amazon for 16 quid! worth a punt for that price.

VTin Peashooter Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports Headphones

I didn’t expect much from something so cheap (compared to other Bluetooth headphones). They arrived in a very nicely designed box, but when I got to the headphones, whoa! These things are HUGE. They look small in the Amazon images, but in reality they are massive, put them in and you look like Uhura


Charging and paring is straight forward, apparently you get 5 hrs from a 2 hr charge. With the iPhone, you get a battery level indicator next to the Bluetooth icon. Charging is via micro USB.

In use, they are surprisingly good, they come with 3 different sizes of ear buds and 3 ear hook things, I use them without the ear hooks and despite their enormity, they don’t fall out.

Sound quality isn’t that bad, a little bit hissy, but clear enough for running. There are 3 buttons, volume up, down and play, a microphone too for hands free. The buttons work exactly like iPhone headphones.

The biggest issue seems to be range. If I have my phone in my left hip pocket, the signal starts to drop out! In my right pocket its fine.

So far, so good! They haven’t fallen out, I haven’t yanked them out, all good :D