Zone3 BuoyancyShorts

Afterrecently reading THIS on Brett Suttons blog, I thought I would give Buoyancy shorts a try.

Luckily I managed to pick some Zone3 Buoyancy shorts for just twenty quid at the 220 triathlon show. Bargain!

The best way to describe them is, erm, the middle bit of a wetsuit, which is exactly what they are.

I’m a 30” waist with runner’s thighs rather than Chris Hoy style, massive cyclist thighs, so I opted for the xs size, which fit perfectly.

Ignore the love handles ;)


Taking the plunge and instantly you can feel the extra buoyancy, it’s not excessive though. When you jump in, you don’t get thrown out of the pool and into the air, they have what seems to be the same amount of buoyancy as my standard sized pull buoy.

Push off and you get the familiar pull buoy feel, but now you can kick, you don’t have to grip a block of foam between your legs. It feels great, you can swim at a slower pace without your legs sinking, so you can concentrate on technique without wearing yourself out. What Sutto says make total sense to me, if you aren’t the world’s greatest swimmer and your body position is not the best, then you are not making the most of your session as you are dragging your legs around. Getting your body horizontal in the water with an aid helps you to get work on your upper body, as you build up your strength and form, its gets you used to that position and how the water feels when you are horizontal in the water. The fact that you can kick naturally and unrestricted really makes the difference between the shorts and a pull buoy.

For sale, one pull buoy

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