You are what you eat

and the last month has been a bad one for me :(

Deserts, chocolate, refined sugar by the bucket load! this is me and this is not good.

I’ve been good for well over a year and in the last month I fell off the wagon and straight into a bath of caramel sauce :(

Tomorrow, that stops

It all started at the national wedding show, my wife, Aniko was exhibiting so had bought a huge amount of Thorntons chocolate to put on the stand.

We didn’t use it, so most of it went into me! I went nuts! batshit crazy, eating a whole box in one sitting, That was when the addiction truly came back.

I started to crave chocolate again. Driving home I would daydream about getting home and what chocolate I would shove down my face, convincing myself that I had done a huge workout, so I deserved it



Also, I started using Torq recovery, which is a tonne of sugar! it seems to be a really good recovery product after intense workouts, and I didnt feel the need for any breakfast, but it is a lot of sugar and a huge bag of calories. I’ll stick with torq gels for races, but I wont be using the recovery products anymore, I don’t think it helps with my sweet tooth.

so, after polishing off three cheesecakes today, I’m moving on, cold turkey.

wish me luck

My name is Anthony, and I’m a chocoholic 

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