What a crap swim!

As my usual pool (Tipton) is closed for a few months, I need a new pool to train in.
This morning I tried the Crystal leisure centre in Stourbrige.


Firstly, the place is really run down, old and smelly. The changing rooms are disgusting!
They have two pools, a 25m 4 lane pool and a separate beach style leisure pool.
This morning the 25m pool was laned off, but for some reason, the two middle lanes didn’t have a rope down the middle. Anyway, it was slow lane, two medium lanes and a fast lane.
The slow and medium lanes were fairly empty, and there were 4 people already in the fast lane doing a reasonable pace.
I joined the fast lane and it was reasonable, two of the slower swimmers let me pass on the few occasion that I caught them up. Normal polite lane discipline.
Then two more people joined the fast lane, one of them was doing breast stroke! And the other would swim half way front crawl, then in the middle of the pool, turn around and swim back, back stroke!
These two pillocks were totally ruining it for the rest of us. I told one of the idiots that he really shouldn’t be doing breast stroke in the fast lane, he replied “I alternate”
I’ll alternate my fist in your face!
I gave up in the end and as I was leaving I complained to the lifeguard who really didn’t care.

Stourbridge! Never again

Anthony TowersComment