Tri Cycle shoe mods

I’ve been bodging 

Don’t try this at home, I try these crazy experiments so that you don't have to


Don't do it, its a silly idea. All it does is make your shoes uncomfortable

One of the things that has always puzzled me, with all the triathlon specific cycle shoes I have looked at, none of them seem to stay open ready for your foot.

There always seems to be some part of the shoe that folds in. Yes, the velcro straps are easy to pull closed (well, some of them are) and then you get things like the new Specialized shoe, where the heel opens back. But they all seem to suffer the same issue when open. They don’t stay wide open.

My solution

Spring wire!


Carefully threaded into the seam at the neck of the shoe


And there it is, wide open and waiting for a foot :D