The TorHans Aero Bento

This weekend I picked up a TorHans Aero Bento from A1 Multisport.

First impressions are quite good, it looks sturdy, a well made twin shot moulding (hard part moulded, the softer rubber part moulded to it, in tool)

This is a replacement for my Xlab bento, which is fine really, but it just doesn’t look very aerodynamic. Especially being made from a rough nylon fabric.

Now I know that for me and probably most people, any aero benefits would be tiny and make no difference at all, but, if it looks fast, it is fast ;)

Fitting was pretty straight forward. The Hex key wrenches (allen keys) that I have, retain the bolt on the end, which is handy because once the bolt disappears through the rubber slot, it would be a nightmare to line up.

The aerobento is taller and shorter, but the tail end of the xlab bag was pretty useless anyway, so I would say the aero bento is larger internally.

However, its pretty rigid, so difficult to get into compared to the soft floppy xlab.


Its not easy to get excited over a plastic moulding, but it looks purposeful and fits really well.

I’ll feedback once I’ve given it a thorough test.