Stem Garmin mount

I recently bought a quick release kit for my Garmin 910xt so that I can actually see the screen. I tried wearing it on the inside of my wrist, but it just didn’t work.

The quick release kit is really good (and currently very very cheap on amazon) you get an adaptor plate which uses the strap fixings on the watch body, a new strap with QR plate and two bike mounts.

It does make the already HUGE watch even bigger, but, its not too bad really, it just looks massive.

I tried the supplied bike mount, which is a neat small disk that uses thick rubber bands to attach to your bike. It worked perfectly well at the BRAT tri, but I prefer a more robust solution, something bolted down.

Again, from Amazon, I bought a K-EGDE Garmin stem mount.

All you do is pop off one of the stem spacers under the stem cap and clamp on this very simple aluminum mount.

It’s well designed and very sturdy :D

I really must do something about that front bottle mount, I dont like the fact that I’m using zipties to fix it in place, it works, but it bothers me ;)




Anthony TowersComment