Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy (project)

In the quest to go ever faster, I need to slide through the air with the least resistance possible.

An aero helmet can help achieve this in many ways. Normal road helmets are designed for a more upright riding position, they also tend to have huge ventilation channels giving them the look of Megatron from Transformers


The problem with all these vents and crazy shapes is that the air cannot flow cleanly across the surfaces, it gets buffeted and produces drag.

You can hear it when riding, the wind noise is caused by air hitting the helmet and being forced to change direction.

However, just making the helmet smooth at the front is not the answer. Once you smoothly move the air out of your way, it wants to get back to where it started as quickly as possible, and this will produce a pressure difference behind you that is trying to suck you back! so you need to gradually allow the air to return smoothly.


This is why Aero Helmets tend to pointy at the back, aerofoil shaped.

My first outing with the helmet was amazing, its comfortable and quiet. You can hear the difference in the airflow, this helmet whooshes rather than roars. When you turn your head to side, so the side of the helmet is facing the oncoming air, you can hear the difference, its louder because its less aerodynamic in that position. Awesome


The inner pads and the chin strap is really comfortable, this is one of the most comfortable helmets I have ever worn


The visor looks really dark, but even in the grim British weather, it was perfectly fine.

First ride out and now that spring is here, I was amazed how many bugs hit me in the face. Bang, straight off my visor.


I love it, its comfortable quiet and being a contact lens wearer, I love not having to mess about with glasses/sunglasses in transition