Race Report - The Jodie Stimpson Aquathlon

My first Aquathlon (daft name)

What a great day! The sun was shining, everything was relaxed and Jodie Stimpson was racing with us amateurs.

I was interview by the BBC too! which was fun. very odd to see and hear myself on the TV.


The swim was okay, but I got caught up in the excitement of the start and shot off far too quickly! I was knackered and breathing every stroke for the first 100m!
I settled down into a better rhythm and was able to relax my breathing back to a comfortable and quicker, every 3 strokes.


Once again I couldn’t get my wetsuit off quickly! Too much messing about gave me a poor T1 time (as usual)


The run was actually quite relaxed, I could have pushed harder and I sprinted to the finish


Well, I cant complain with 11th! (out of 58)
00:31:38, I really like aquathlons :)

Kit used

Orca core trisuit
Garmin 910xt (multisport mode without transition)

2XU Z:1 wetsuit
zoggs predator flex polarized goggles

on cloud runner
blue seventy race belt


Breakfast, greek yougurt, gronla, nuts and honey. coffee.

one pre race gel


Nice to be on the same timing page as Jodie :D


some pictures from my top tri photographer anikotowers.com

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