Race Report - The Bupa Great North Run - 2014

Sorry, a late race report ;)

This was only my second Half Marathon, but definitely the most spectacular.

What a venue! What a Crowd! I do love the North East .

Every single inch, on both side of the road for the entire distance had spectators cheering us on, hands out for high fives even giving out sweets and even ice lollies.

The Run

It was all really quite uneventful. I got to my starting pen in a reasonable time and just soaked up the midday sun and the entertainment while waiting for the start. There were big screens everywhere, so we could watch as the elite racers started, then it was time for us to go.

I think it look about 20 minutes to get to the start line, I pushed start on the garmin and I was off.

Straight away I had to fight through traffic, within the first 50 meters people were already walking! It was fun trying to find the breaks in the crowd and make my way through.

10km in and it was starting to thin out a bit, but there were still a lot of people running, its a very big race! necked a rather nice bannofee gel about 1km before an aid station.

Grabbed a bottle of water and had a few good swigs from it. It was quite a hot day so the ice cold water felt so good, which reminds me, some of the spectators had garden hoses to cool people down as they ran past.

15km in, another gel, aid station water and I’m starting to feel it in my quads now. I wouldn’t say I was tired and my pace was still consistent, but I could defiantly feel the miles on my quads.

The bloke running beside me flung his water bottle to his right and very nearly hit me in the face! idiot!

The last part of the race takes you up hill, but once you get to the top, you can see the sea :D then its a down hill (as fast as my legs would take me) and a left hander towards the final straight.

The place was packed out! people cheering everywhere, what an atmosphere.

I saw the finish and thought sod it, sprint as fast as you bloody can, so I legged it over the line.

A great day, a great race, Hopefully I will be there next year and hopefully I will be running as myself and not Darren Heath ;) Thanks daz for giving me the opportunity. It wasn’t an event I was planning to do, but I’m really glad I did it.


Breakfast, Greek yogurt, granola, nuts and honey, loads of toast, eggs Benedict (basically pigged out at the hotel, but 2.5hrs before the run)

Pre race High five iso gel

Two torq gels

post race rego shake.

Kit Used

Zoot performance Trishorts

Nike pro combat top

2XU Calf Sleeves

On cloud runner, garmin foot pod

Garmin 910xt

Blue seventy race belt

Result, 01:34:21 a PB :D

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