Pool Running


My ankle still isn’t quite right, so this morning I decided to try something different, Pool Running.

Injury is a vicious circle, usually you get an injury because you aren’t strong enough to hold your running form, and as you increase frequency or duration, you end up spending more time running badly and more prone to injury!

But what do you do when you are injured? you can’t run because you need to rest the injury, but if you don’t run, you wont strengthen the muscles you need to be able to run properly.

Pool running

The pool at the gym is a 12m shallow flat pool, perfect for running.

Its just the right depth that I can get a good grip on the floor and I’m not floating away. I did try with flip flops thinking I would get better grip on the floor! not a chance! bare foot gave me just enough grip on the tiles so that I could run without too much slipping.

I only “ran” for about 15 minutes, but it really felt like I had ran for miles

ran for miles, but pain free!

It’s definitely something I will be working into my training and something I will continue with once I get back on the road.

love it

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