Nottingham ITU Sprint, 2016


The Nottingham Triathlon, a race I have a love hate relation ship with.

2014 I had a mechanical problem, 2015 I was injured, so what would 2016 bring??????

It started with a few little issues. The race start this year was mid day, its usually early in the morning, but I had already booked a hotel for the night before. Oh well, a night in a noisy and hot hotel.

I woke up to discover that the start time had also been delayed due to blue green algea and that the swim course would be altered to avoid the scummy areas. A shower was placed at the swim exit to wash us down! Also, this year, we had to pay 5 quid to park.

The only changes from last year are my change in diet and I used a Zipp 808 front wheel instead of a 404.

I managed to cock up putting my number tattoos on! I didn’t read the instructions. Note for next time, remove clear backing, apply tattoo, then wet. Don’t wet the whole thing and ruin them. oh well.

Anyway, the race! “where is transition?”

The Swim - 00:13:25

I planed to keep out of everyone’s way for the swim, just take it steady at my own pace and try not to swallow the scummy water.

FAILED! Not long into the first section and I got clawed in the head, mauled so badly that he pulled my swim cap off! good job I had my goggles under my cap.

My cap hung on for about 50 meters before falling off never to be seen again.That wasn’t the last time I would be clobbered by someone either, how difficult is it to swim in a straight line!! why do you need to come at me at 45 degrees and swim over my back?

The swim was 22 seconds slower than last year, but it was 50m longer! so overall a quicker swim.


T1 - 00:01:14

My bike was racked right at the bottom of T1, near the exit. Again, on the run to my bike, I couldn’t get the velcro neck strap open. I really need to work on my shoulder flexibility.

I got to my rack and managed to quickly get my wesuit off, then I stood there, brain frozen, trying to figure out what to do with my goggles, WHO CARES! GET ON YOUR BIKE! Helmet on, grab bike, hit start on the computer and run out.a whole 15 seconds quicker than last year


The Bike - 00:32:05

My shoes (clipped onto the bike) are new and still quite stiff, so I struggled to get my feet into them again. I think I should wear them in bed ;)

Once I got my feet in though, I was away, passing loads of people! in fact, I was only passed by two people on the whole bike section.

The bike course is just four laps around the lake, a flat oval. The only thing to be careful about is the ducks and geese, they don’t care about you on your silly bike! This is their piece of tarmac and they rule.

There was a slight headwind, but otherwise it was perfect conditions.

In hindsight, I could and should have pushed harder, it felt quite effortless.

They say you should never try anything new on race day, but I did, and it was a bodged together, hand made, between the bars drink bottle. It work flawlessly! (blog entry to come)

Quicker than last year by 34 seconds, I was hoping for a lot more!


T2 - 00:01:04

Again this year, my rack was down near the exit to T1, so I had a long barefoot run with the bike (shoes still clipped in), hit stop on the computer, rack bike, helmet off.

I had put a blob of chamois cream on the inside of my shoes, near my little toe, as I tend to get a bit of bare foot rubbing there.

Shoes on, watch set to run while running out of T1 and quickly neck a gel.

26 seconds quicker than last year, happy with that.


The Run - 00:20:41

My plan was to take it easy at the start in case I cramp up like last year, but I looked at my watch and realised that I was actually running too quick. Looking at my watch was a mistake, I could have continued at that pace, I didn’t need to slow down. I really need to plan my pace for the next race.

I passed a few people on the first quarter and later passed a lot more who were blowing up! Only one person passed me on the run.

The last section of the run I was feeling good and in the distance I could see the finish line, I squinted to see the timer, 01:08:00! WHAT! I can’t go slower than last year! so I sprinted, picked up my pace and bolted across the line to finish the run 17 seconds quicker than last year.

Result - 01:08:31

Beating last years time by one minute and eight seconds, a PB at least, but I was hoping for a little more. I could have been faster on the bike and I certainly could have run faster. I really enjoyed the race though, nothing really went wrong apart from not pushing hard enough.

155 overall out of 538 and 17th out of 53 in my age group.


  • Pre race nutrition was a bit of an odd one (for me)! eggs Benedict with extra bacon, sausage and beans.
  • Bike, Hornet Juice in 500ml home made bottle mounted between the aero bars.
  • Run, Torq gel at start of run.
  • post race, SIS whey20.


  • Huub trisuit
  • 2XU Z:1 wetsuit
  • zoggs predator flex polarized goggles
  • cressi anti fog spray
  • Cervelo P3, Zipp firecrest 808 front and rear
  • Front mounted, 500ml bottle
  • Rudy Project Wing57 aero helmet
  • Specialized TriVent SC
  • Garmin 520
  • Newton TriRacer
  • Garmin VivoActive
  • Blue Seventy race belt (worn under wetsuit)