Newton Motion IV


My favourite running shoes were my Newton Gravity, I ran them to death and they were awesome, but sadly, I had to retire them.

Not to worry, I’ve got some new Newtons :D The Newton Motion IV.

They are a nice looking (High Viz) shoe, maybe too bright for some peoples taste, but I like them and I like to be seen and safe.


The Motion IV has a 3mm heel drop. Newton are now printing the heel drop on the side of all their shoes.


Just like my Newton Triracer, the Motion IV has 5 lugs. My old pair of gravity was the old 4 lug system. These do feel more stable, but to me, its not a huge difference in feel.


The tongue in the Motion IV has no padding, but they feel fine without it.

The inside of the tongue is a nice soft chamois finish which feels really nice sock less. The inner feels great too! These are my everyday running shoes, so I wont be running in them without socks, but they are so comfortable and the seams are so smooth that I think they will be great sock less.


The tongue stays put too, it doesn’t slip to the side.

The rand comes up over the toe box and is lovely and grippy. I’m looking forward to testing them up hill in the rain.


These shoes are so comfortable and as a Newton runner, they don’t feel unusual, they feel great straight out the box.

They are nice and fast too!

I ran the Porthcawl park run and they were great, no issues what so ever, they just felt fantastic.