Learning to swim properly

I always considered myself to be a reasonable swimmer, I’m not, I’m actually pretty rubbish :(

Over the past few months I have been reassessing my freestyle technique to try and become a much more efficient and therefore faster swimmer. 

My stoke has changed a lot recently, as I have been correcting certain areas. I have a much better high elbow catch now, although I still cross over slightly with my right arm.

One of the things I changed recently in training is to use a nice big clear mask rather than goggles. Having much greater peripheral vision allows me to see what my arms are doing. I noticed so many odd little errors once I started wearing the mask.

High elbow catch now feels instinctive, so its time to move on to the pull through. For some reason, my left arm comes out quite wide, I guess its the imbalance of my stroke and how my hands enter the water. 

My right arm enters the water ever so slightly crossing over, but once I start to pull, its in the correct position. My left arm enters correctly but then come out wide!

I still have lots to learn.