It had to happen at some point


Getting hit by a motorist on a roundabout

I was enjoying cycling home from the pool, even after my crap swim in a super busy pool. then bang.

I was going round a roundabout and a woman pulls up, stops, looks, but pulls out anyway. Knocking me flying.

She said to me “I’ve just come from church and I didn’t see you”

An odd excuse

Was she being guided by god? I suggest next time she uses her eyes to navigate the world and not faith.

She wasn’t looking.

So I now have a matching injury on the other arm, yay. I might give up this being healthy lark, its clearly not good for you


lol, GPS is great 



God has been round, he had a look but had to refer me to jesus for healing. The waiting list is over a week :(

Injuries old and new