Halesowen Sprint Triathlon


Always read the race pack

However, the information provided might not be right!


I’m seriously annoyed about this race, the map provided in the race pack was wrong! I followed the provided map, not sure how many others did, but looking at starva, it seems I was the only one! so everyone else DQ’d!

That makes me the winner! Awesome, my first podium.

I shall start this report with a moan.

Annoyance number 1.

The race pack email stated a transition opening time of 07:00, but no closing time. I emailed the organisers and got the reply that transition doesn’t close, you can go in any time you like, just don’t get in the way of any competitors!! what! seriously!

Annoyance number 2.

The day started badly, Scott and I went to registration to pick up our race numbers and they had lost the bike and helmet stickers, which basically meant there was no security in transition, because there was no way to link a competitor with their bike, anyone could have taken any bike they like out of transition.


Annoyance number 3.

There was no race briefing.


Anyway, moaning aside, the race: -

The Swim - 00:07:24

Not as quick as I wanted to do, I was hoping for a sub 7 minute. Last week in a race simulation and wearing my trisuit, I swam 06:50, 06:47, 06:45.

Looking back at a video of the swim, my rotation was crap, I was crossing over, kicking one leg out and basically looking a bit rubbish.


T1 - 00:00:43

At T1, I got to my rack to see Scott kitting up (he started the race 1 minute before me) so the race was on ;)

I grabbed my new sunglasses, donned the Boardman helmet (decided not to use the aero helmet) grabbed the bike, pressed go on the Garmin bike computer, then ran out of transition.

I had set out some gloves in T1, but decided not to bother, it seemed warm enough.


Cycle - 00:54:12

I used my new Specialized Trivent SC shoes for this race, I should have used my old shoes really. The Trivent are great, but at the moment the upper is new and quite stiff, I need to wear them in a little.

The exit from T1 is up hill, I had already put my bike in the lowest gear, so setting off was nice, quick and easy.

I eventually managed to pull my foot into my right shoe, but the left was a nightmare! Once in though, these new shoes are great, sooo comfortable.

The bike felt great, I really love my old cheap boardman, big thanks to Brothertons for setting it up properly.

Round through Halesowen town centre and hitting the first hill, I was on my own, I could just see someone in the distance. The road traffic was crazy, cars everywhere and when I got to the roundabout near the harvester, I had to wait for what felt like for ever for a gap in the traffic.

Choking from the car exhaust, I powered down the dual carriageway passing loads of people and down the nice quick hill. I could see that the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill were green, so I pushed as hard as I could, shouting at my self along the way, and made it though the lights without having to stop.

This is where things went wrong :( 

The map from the race pack showed a left just before the Aston Martin dealer, so thats the way I went. I thought it was a bit odd that there wasn’t a marshal or a sign, but I was going so fast from the downhill that it was a split decision, I knew the route from the map, I was going to follow it.


When I got to the next junction with still no one in front of me and no marshals, I knew something was definitely wrong, but, I knew the route so I ploughed on (never surrender). This section of the route has a short but steep hill which leads down to a crossroads, then up again on some really nasty pot holed and narrow roads. At the top of one of the hills, I could see some orange barriers across the road! Noooo, road closed?? I thought to myself, but thankfully it was just some construction work on the side of the road.

After my detour, I joined back onto the dual carriageway ,but still, there was no one ahead and on one behind! where the hell was everyone?

Next left and finally, a marshal! I was back on the course.

I didn’t know it, but I suspected that I had lost a lot of time, so I pushed to try and claw it back, passing several people along the way.

There was another change to the route, however, this one was mentioned in the race pack. Instead of turning right at the harvester roundabout, we had to carry on up a dual carriageway, move over to the right lane in heavy traffic and double back on ourselves at the next roundabout. This was apparently for safety! it was far more dangerous than just turning right at the first roundabout.


T2 - 00:00:44

Rolling into T2, already out of my bike shoes, quick dismount and run into transition to see Scotts bike there, I had lost some time on the bike. No time to stress though, running shoes on and out of T2 while hitting go on my Garmin watch.


Run - 00:20:01

Out of T2 and its a down hill and tight right, not what you need when running off the bike, but I managed a decent pace without face planting into the road.

The run felt great, even though I had not eaten since breakfast, I had bags of energy. Cresting a hill before a big straight section and I spotted Scott in the distance, so I pushed on to try and pass, which I did, slapping his arse on the way. ;)

The run is a dull out and back through a housing estate, so nothing to do but concentrate on passing as many people as possible, although, its a staggered start, you don’t really know who you are racing for position.

I continued to push for the rest of the run and actually managed to run faster, I felt strong, full of energy, great in fact!


Result - 01:23:05

43rd overall out of 140

15th age group out of 39

Over the line and slower than last year, but the bike leg was longer this time I suppose.

Even with the disappointing swim and the cockup on the bike, I enjoyed myself and I’m reasonably pleased with the first race of the season. There is a good base to build on.

One big change this season is my diet, I’m following a ketogenic diet so, I had a high fat breakfast and a hornet juice pre-race. On the bike, I drank a about 150ml of water with SIS electrolyte, but that was it, high fat, low carb and no fade what so ever, I felt strong.



I used the boardman for this race for two reasons, my zip front wheel has not come back from repair and I thought the boardman would be more suited to the hilly course, the fact was, I was 2km/h slower on the boardman compared to last year.

  • Huub trisuit
  • Garmin Edge 520 (bike)
  • Garmin VivoActive (run)
  • zoggs predator flex polarized goggles (the mirrored ones)
  • Boardman Team Carbon Road Bike
  • Frame mounted, 600ml bottle
  • Boardman Team Carbon helmet, Oakley Radar EV road sun glasses
  • Specialized Trivent SC bike shoes
  • Newton TriRacer
  • Blue Seventy race belt


  • Yogurt, mascarpone, cocoa nibs, mixed nuts, hazelnut oil, coffee
  • 1 bottle of hornet juice pre race
  • ½ bottle SIS cola during bike
  • No carbs, No gels, No problem :D