Ditching the tech

I’m back running (sort of)

So far this week, I have ran twice on a treadmill, only 5 minute sessions, but I’m taking it steady. So far, so good.

Next week I’m going to get myself back out on the road for some slightly longer runs, but this time, I’m ditching the tech.

No GPS, No heart rate monitor.

The last time that I restarted running after an injury, I logged everything and got myself worked up about pace and heart rate. I was concerned about loss of fitness and ended up running myself back into an injury.

This time, I’m not going to make the same mistake.

I’m not even going to run my old routes. They are all loops, so I will be tempted to complete the whole distance rather than listen to my body and run within my recovery limits. I wont be able to run as far and as quickly as before, so don’t try.

Near home, there is a park which will be perfect to run around. I don’t know how big it is, so I wont be tempted to knock out a quick 5k