Ankle update :)


Tuesday night I went to see Mike at Birmingham Movement Therapy and had a proper diagnosis (unlike the NHS)

I was there for an hour and Mike ran me though a series of mobility tests to get to the root of the issue, which thankfully is all muscular.

I should have written some of these things down, because mike explained everything in detail and some of it went straight over my head, but the main issue is with my Tibialis Posterior and my right hip! I don’t have a lot of mobility in my right hip which is causing issues all the way down my right leg.

After a bit more prodding, poking and manipulation I was already starting to improve. This was different to the usual sports massages I have had where they rub and massage the muscle, Mike dug this thumb so far into my leg I thought it was going to come out the other side!

So, I have a few exercises to do to improve my hip and also to help with the muscles and I will also be retiring my On Cloudsurfers, which in Mikes opinion are just to unstable. I kind of agree with him, they were very different to my usual Newton shoes. He also suggested that the best thing I could do is go out and run, but take it steady and slow, so I’m going to run a “sofa to 5k” plan and try to stick with it. I think once I get running again, the temptation to run long and fast will be difficult to contain, so a rigid plan might help.

Last night highlighted just how bad my experience of the NHS was and speaking with some colleagues at work, it seems to me the norm for the west Midlands
if you can actually get an appointment for your GP, they want you get rid of you asap and are reluctant to refer you to a specialist.

Big Thanks to Mike, I’ve got the confidence to get out running now, knowing that its not something seriously wrong with my ankle.

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