21-07-2013 - Race Report, The Sutton Park Sprint

Well, thats it, can I officially call myself a triathlete now?

It went well I suppose, but I didn't really try too hard, I could have pushed much harder.

I didn't really know how to pace myself so I just did it by feel.

First off, the swim

The swim went pretty well I think, my goggles did steam up, but I could still see my way around the buoys.

top tip! don’t put your watch on the outside of your wetsuit! 

The Bike

The bike was uneventful really, I just tucked down on the aero bars and put in the laps

The Run

The run was surprisingly easy, a bit hilly and a bit muddy, but great fun.

I went all the way without stopping, so I was pleased with that.

so, the official results are in! 123rd out of 307

swim 00:15:34
t1 00:04:38
bike 00:40:18
t2 00:02:10
run 00:25:27
total 01:28:07

Pleased, but also a little disappointed that I didn't push myself harder.

Oh well, when is the next one??????