2017 Goals, the Tools & Methods to achieve those Goals


This year, it’s simple, be faster.

Beat my previous bests.

That is the grand goal, the top level goal, the grand goal of all goals and to achieve that goal, I will need to realise some smaller goals.

  • To be faster, I need to be lighter.
  • To be faster, I need to be stronger.
  • To be faster, I need to be more efficient.
  • To achieve these goals, I need to be disciplined.


Lighter (target 7% body fat drop of 7%)

I had a bit of a blip in 2016, I’m heavier than 2015, but, I have more muscle.

The plan is to lose the fat, but keep the lean muscle mass.



Some of the 2016 fat gain was down to diet. I experimented with keto for a while, which was good, then moved to more of a paleo diet, but too many times I fell off the wagon. Bread, honey, huge amounts of peanut butter, beer and corn/rice cakes, chocolate were all binged on. So its time to clean it up (discipline).

Fat loss methods to investigate, implement: -

  • Food timing (carb back loading).
  • Hot/Cold contrast showers (thermoneogenesis)
  • Intermittent fasting
  • L-Carnotine


Stronger (keep lean mass at 62kg)

I’ve really been enjoying the Kettle Bell sessions (using the Lolo Kettle app) so I will continue with these workouts. I’ll also continue using the other great apps from Lolo, Butt, Legs, Arms, Abs and Stretching.

  • Focused weight training.
  • Kettle bell workouts.
  • Use weight vest for plyo and short runs.
  • Timing. Cardio in the morning, Weights in the evening.


I need to ensure that I don’t pick up any injuries and I also need to fit the training in around home and work. Being the Nerd that I am and a huge fan of Ben Greenfield, I’ll be using some Bio Hacking tools and methods to cleanse the body and mind.

  • Regular Massage.
  • Regular Sauna.
  • Wim Hof method breathing.
  • Hot/Cold contrast showers.
  • CBD oil to reduce inflammation.


This is the killer, the hardest to achieve. I need to discipline myself to stick to the plan, especially my nutrition. I need to get back to swimming! I’ve been putting it off since August!

This is just the first draft, the framework of 2017

I will be adding to this during January

to be continued……………